Planning a Birthday?

Are you looking for an easy and AMAZING party for your kid? TheĀ  Game Den is the premiere option for a video game birthday party. TheĀ  game den is equipped with the best games and newest consoles. With games from Mario Kart all the way up to Mortal Kombat there are games for everyone at the birthday party.

The other fantastic thing about having a video game birthday party in our Game Den, is that you won’t have 20 kids running and screaming in your house for 2 hours. Our Game Coaches will ensure they get games they want, and will help guide them through anything they may not understand! That means you get to relax and leave it to us!


The best video game birthdays, are ones you can feel confident giving, and with games out there that may be a little age inappropriate, have no fear! We won’t allow any games to be played that above the age rating of the kids in the Game Den without express permission from mom or dad!


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