Hatchet/Axe Throwing

Come on over to the Colosseum in the Layton Hills Mall to toss some hatchets at our state of the art targets. Our targets include our SAFE anti-bounce panels that prevent or greatly diminish hatchet bounce back! On top of that we use projected targets that allow us to change the game mode and keep score of points. Some of our axe throwing games include tic-tac-toe, countdown, varying target bullseye, zombie head hunt, and more!

Amazing Axe Throwing Games starting at just $4.99 for 30 minutes!

SAFE anti-bounce panels!

Motion Detecting Virtual Reality is the future of gaming. By incorporating their whole body, guests can really be transported to new worlds and experiences that are sure to excite, scare, thrill, and amaze! For only $55 you can take the Mobile Game Den from epic to EPIC and create experiences that guests will talk about for a long time!


* Prices are per player

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Feel free to text or call at 801-915-5481!